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Early Clues, LLC is a self-aware, non-not-for-non-profit Corporation located in the Existosphere.


Our mission is to provide a broad range of useful reality enhancement and modulation applications for the full range of entities across multiple utilization platforms, including the Existosphere, the Liminality, Near Reality and beyond. ------> COMING SOON <----- TIMEHUNTER LIVE UPDATES

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Recognized frequently for their excellence, Early Clues has searched high and low to bring to you only the most qualified candidates, at your disposal.

"We're 'there' for you!"®

Roger Holliday, Corporate Visioneering Guru

Roger Holliday, or "Holly," as he's known around the office, is in charge of identifying and maintaining synergistic new paradigms for Early Clues across the Existosphere. An "accidental artist" from an early age, he once mistakenly created and uploaded a precise digital reproduction of Vermeer's Woman Holding a Balance" over the course of an afternoon idyll while attempting to format the hard drive on his Compaq Portable III. This led to his discovery by Seattle artist Dale Chihuly, who is currently working with Holly on a glass installation based on Holst's "The Planets" as re-imagined by a "Roomba" robotic vacuum. A graduate of the University of Malta's School of Communication Therapy Design, Holly joined Early Clues after a productive tenure at Gimgle, where he headed the Gimgle Goat Design Team.

Ted Smith, FOIB

Following in the footsteps of his pedigree, Ted enjoys time travel, space travel, atomic manipulation, cloak design and motor-sports without motors (unless needed). While he is not coding he can frequently be found spending time on the quality of the choir in the libraries, viability of our quarterly balloon "fiestas" of an ever changing hue (supply and demand affects us too), the sustenance of Early Clues' vast warehouses of digital random access memory (RAM) and maintaining church duties so that the end user can be assured the box he or she bought actually isn't empty.

Richard Rider, CTO (Not pictured)

Glenn Gordon, EXCEO

Unable to tame the raging inferno of wild ambition which welled forth within him at an 'early' age, Glendon Gordon rapidly rose through the ranks from Sandwich Artiste at International Sandwich Co. to entrepreneur-extraordinaire and former founder of an award-winning line of "digital luncheons" after attending night courses in HTML and Photoshop 5.5 at the Vindaloo-Infospace Holo-College of Unincorporated LAX-ANGELES County Mallport.

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The Early Clues Special Services Division was rated "Best In Its Class" by FORTRA Magazine sixteen cycles running.

We are pleased to be "now bringing it to you"™ a comprehensive enterprise-level line of turn-key services including (but not limited to):

  • Reality enhancement and parafield ministrations
  • Customized synconjury/OpenQNL solutions
  • Entity liberation
  • Ontological background checks
  • Corporate harmonizing
  • Quantum triplexing
  • FutureWriting™ & Asynchronous assistance
  • & much much more...

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We are working so hard to bring new and better products constantly to market, that this section of our WWW web site is still under construction! For now, you can find us on GitHub.


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These are just "some" of our favorite search engines on the world-wide web. We hope you find them useful for you too!.

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We'd like to welcome you to the "Clip & Save" section of our website. Just print the coupon you'd like to redeem and bring it with you on your next office visit. One of our courteous staff will be happy to assist you.

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